About Us

Aureum Myanmar Group of Companies was established in order to meet Myanmar’s and ASEAN countries’ growing demand for goods and services in commodities such as Bitumen also known as asphalt. As infrastructure projects become a major focus in the road construction industry, the local government policies mirrors the significance of well-connected routes throughout the country as paving the way to prosperity.

With our group’s established distribution centers throughout the country such as logistic systems in Yangon and Mandalay, we are Myanmar’s most reliable supplier in terms of delivery timing as well as quality of our products which have full-scale quality analysis from world-renowned independent surveyors. It is the mission of Aureum Myanmar Group of Companies to serve our customers whether they may be traders or end-users to best meet their requirements in quality, pricing, and timely delivery.

We distribute a wide range of petrochemical and agricultural goods including Bitumen, Palm Oil, Paraffin Wax as well as other commodities such as Beans and Sugar. Our main product includes Bitumen or also known as Asphalt, used in road construction industry. Palm Oil or an edible vegetable oil is also one of our main products as we are supplying throughout all regions of Myanmar via our vast supply chain. Paraffin Wax is the white or colorless solid raw material needed to manufacture wax candles in which we are the top distributor in this industry supplying thousands of tons every month.